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On the day of the live, we received letters from many overseas fans.

We were deeply moved by the kindness of the fans from various countries who wrote in simple English so we could understand.

Am I thinking too much?

Thank you for all the letters.

I'm still immersed in the lingering memories of our Midnight Circus, but our next live is in 10 days.

The last stage of this year.

Actually, the next live will be a stage to welcome a new support drummer.

He's a wonderful support drummer you surely know.

Of course Mai-san will keep supporting.

By the way, we're hoping for Mai-san for the January 9th sponsored event.

After this, we could change with regards to the support members without advance notice.

I think there'll be various support members on the stage after this, but please welcome them warmly as characters of THE VELVET's world, ok?

Similarly, everyone else are also important characters, all together.

Let's enjoy ourselves on December 27th, the last stage of this year.
About yesterday's live.

I'll boast a little.

Yesterday's hairdo, it was my favourite.

To be honest, I did the hair & makeup myself.

All of it, even the hair in back.

Since there was a lot of time from the end of rehearsal until our performance, I slowly did our hair & makeup.

It was a manlier than usual hairdo.

I had delusions about whether I won't become a hair & makeup person.

I'm singing my own praise.

What kind of hairdo will I have for the next live on 12/27?

I'm considering whether to change the costumes a little.

If I'll put on a skirt after a long time, at the last event of this year I want to include a petty desire to play.

I haven't decided yet.

The gifts and letters, thank you so much for those.

I was really happy.

We even received a lot of letters from overseas fans.

Since I understand a little English, I read them all.

I like the feelings that I got from what you wrote.


I won't be translating these regularly. I wanted to translate this one in particular because MiMi talks about the gift from overseas fans.

I'm glad we could make him so happy~ ♥

{2010/8/21} RIDE ON MiMi (213)

Tonight the moon seems to be radiantly shining.

Summer nights are nice aren't they?

When I was a child, and even now, I'm thrilled.

It seems something will happen, it seems a new me will begin.

When I was a child, the nights I secretly sneaked out of the house were special.

Making little secrets, I was myself in the night unlike the daytime.

I want lives to have the same feelings.

I want you to come and watch with the same feelings.

Taking little risks is wonderful.

I want to see a dream I don't wake up from.

Good night.

{2010/8/20} RIDE ON MiMi (212)

The new edition of music magazine Risknote where I have my column will be released in November.

The reason I say this is, I take applications each time, but in the column I reply to the questions I take in.
The deadline for questions is September 15th.
There's a question mail form in the NEWS section of the mobile version HP, so please send in a lot of question mails ok?

It's ok to write them on the questionnaire at the September 12th live too, but if I get them in the mail I have more time to write the column.

Everyone please give me question mails ok?

Everyone had a lot of questions at the instore event, so I should be troubled if you send that many, right?


Please treat me kindly.

And blog talk.

This is THE VELVET's official HP diary, but sometimes the fans and the people related to the band want us to use ameblo, or they'll say that they want the official diary to be on ameblo.

Is ameblo any good?

When I look at the blogs of people who use ameblo, things like amember and peta and comments seems difficult.
And things like "now" seem difficult too.
Basically, for me who updates the diary daily it's good as it is now, but how does everyone else think?

It seems easy to look at even from overseas.

Does everyone else use it too?

Understanding THE VELVET's daily habits might be interesting right?

But if the ideal rock band I imagine has a lot of mysterious parts, it's so charming you can get lost.

Because I surely don't know everything, I feel like I have the freedom of imagination.

What should I do?

I'm changing the subject, but the mannequin I sometimes bring on stage is in my room, but when I suddenly opened my eyes at midnight it was in my field of vision and my spine froze.

I don't need a cooler.

Good night.

{2010/8/19} RIDE ON MiMi (211)

Today, I thought of a new song.

It'll be a song with an atmosphere that's nonexistent in THE VELVET up until now.

Since we're announcing new songs at a quick pace recently, whether or not we debut it at the next live is undecided, but I want it to take form as soon as possible.

And I'm hesitating over changing my hairstyle.

What should I do?

It's a sultry night tonight too.

Good night.

{2010/8/18} RIDE ON MiMi (210)

Since I fell asleep in the middle of writing my diary, the date was updated to 8/18.

I announced the title of the new song we performed since since the live before last.

Genei Fiction.

The arrangement changes little by little every time.
It's often the case for newly born songs.
We find ways to improve at each live.

This time I was in the mood to stand on the stage after a long time, but the next time is after about a month.
Not standing on the stage is lonely, but in this time I want to carefully guide you toward THE VELVET.

I want to make changes that are easy to understand next time.

Come and we'll change together.

And, this would've been meaningless if I didn't write it yesterday, but August 18th was Bera's birthday.
I forgot to touch on it at the Instore event.
And yesterday I slept like the diary posting screen.
I was careless.

Ahh but I get the feeling he didn't even notice.

Before next time I'll expand our image and I want to stand on the stage as my perfect self.

I think there'll be an announcement and a schedule update before the live, so please check the HP ok?

{2010/8/17} RIDE ON MiMi (209)

It was a live on a sultry night.

This is the set list.

1.Genei Fiction
4.Plastic Doll
5.Aizou tousaku yuugi
6.Seijaku wa kyoubou

Happy feelings, an insufficient portion.
It was a night that found a lot.

I frantically searched.
Did it convey?

I'll write about the live again tomorrow.

I like the faces of everyone I can see the instant the curtains opened.

Good night.

{2010/8/16} RIDE ON MiMi (208)

Tomorrow is the live.

Come to think of it, at yesterday's Instore, the staff of Jishuban Club gave their admiration, saying "THE VELVET's fans are very stylish aren't they? We're surprised!"

I was pretty happy.

Certainly, the way you use your polkadots might even be more skillful than us.

Today is a rehearsal.
We're THE VELVET who can deal with a sudden change in arrangement.
It'll become a stimulating stage with tension.

Let's build a bright red night together.

Altogether please.

Good night.

{2010/8/15} RIDE ON MiMi (207)

Today was the instore event.

Thank you very much for a fun time.
I enjoyed it the most.

Thank you very much for so many questions.

We digressed a lot with the answers, but didn't we convey it well?
Thinking of various things while speaking, making it a completely different discussion with nothing relating to the question, I frantically explained myself many times over.

It seems to always be like this.

I think we spoke about what's not written in the diary, our normal life and inside stories.

Things like pyjamas.

The question corner was enjoyable, and since we spoke for a long time with a free atmosphere, in retrospect I wonder if it would've been good to talk just a little about the CD.

Nevertheless, I felt we built a good connection to everyone at this instore event.

For the special present given to the people elected for the best question, my personal property could be seen without having it in a bag, but I had a lot of accessories besides that.

Bera's personal property was also a wonderful thing.

Please hear about the contents from the person who received it ok?

Thank you very much for the letters too.

At the time of the last handshake I got a question about my rabbit necklace, I bought it at a shop called B-COMPANY.
Incidentally, since it was a rabbit ornament, it was necessary for me to make it into a necklace myself.
After that I made a bowtie.

The day after tomorrow is a live.
Our performance time is a secret, but since everyone has good intuition you should surely understand.

I want to convey the heat of music throbbing with a tense atmosphere different than today.

Good night.


Sounds fun!
Incidentally, I noticed that if MiMi continues with this kind of everyday posting habit, he'll beat last year's record of 333. Good luck MiMi!

{2010/8/14} RIDE ON MiMi (206)

Tomorrow is the instore event.

Please give us the most important day of the summer.
Let's enjoy it with a relaxed mood ok?

Since I don't talk to everyone except for this diary, I'm really looking forward to it.
And since I'll be answering questions too we can exchange feelings.

The personal present, what'll it be?

I still haven't decided.
I'll decide after this.

Good night.